Thomas Was Alone

The narration and other atmospheric details were alright, including the visual design and music, but this is a puzzle platformer, and narration can’t carry it alone. The puzzles are entirely of the “figure it out in a second, physically solve it in two minutes” variety, while the platforming is no Super Meat Boy. The way the characters can’t jump until they’re on steady ground is kind of annoying, and the way they slide off each other when you’re using one to transport another feels like babysitting. I spent most of the game feeling frustrated by the busywork. The humor primarily consisted of memes and people talking about sandwiches (how random!). Number keys for each character varied with each stage, so it was usually troublesome to select the character you wanted. There was even a bit of ludonarrative dissonance: they’d talk about characters splitting up, but you still had to get each of them to their sole exit point. It might’ve been more interesting for the plot if they included variations where you didn’t. Maybe if you could optionally get through a puzzle solely with a good jumper, and without using one of the less useful characters to help them along. As it stands, it’s not very good. I’ll bump it up to a 2/5 to compliment the voice acting and successful characterization of a few simple geometric shapes.

The reviewer believes this game stands above total mediocrity. It has something going for it, but ultimately few real merits. Most of the time, it isn’t fun, and doesn’t otherwise provide any sort of emotional payoff. Even though it does some cool things, you should play something else instead.

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